The Deleware Budget and It Impact on Those Affected by Autism

Autism Delaware works with the Delaware Association of Rehabilitation Facilities to protect funding for adult services and to secure fair payment for providers. As Medicaid is the primary source of payment for services provided to adults with developmental disabilities, sufficient funding for the Medicaid match as well as funding for those clients not qualifying for Medicaid are critical to ensuring appropriate services for adults with autism.

As of May 30, 2013, when the Joint Finance Committee formally finished their changes to the governor’s recommended budget for the full General Assembly to vote on, the FY14 budget (July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014) to be proposed includes:

  • a 1% increase for providers of day and vocational services for adults with developmental disabilities
  • new funds to accommodate the entry of 140 new graduates into the adult service system
  • new funds to accommodate 75 emergency placements, needed when caregivers are no longer able to provide care due to health or safety
  • new funds to cover the full-year funding (annualizing) for graduates or emergency placements who began those services partway through FY13
  • $715,000 in new funds for family support needs

While Autism Delaware and our partner agencies in this effort led by DelARF sought higher reimbursement rates for providers, we are thankful for any additional funds that will help us continue our successful services and help our families!