Clinical Services for School Districts

Autism Delaware provides a range of clinical services to meet the needs of school districts. For complete information and to discuss pricing options, please contact Dr. Susan Peterson at Autism Delaware’s Newark office.


or via email at

Assessment and evaluation

Functional behavioral assessments

  • work with the school districts and teachers to identify behavioral issues
  • collect systematic data relating to functional relationships between behaviors and the environment
  • develop hypotheses, and identify the next steps to take toward improvement

Psychoeducational, clinical, and behavioral evaluations

  • address learning and behavioral issues by developing a customized evaluation plan that includes assessment of intelligence, academic achievement, social and emotional functioning, and functional communication skills

Independent educational evaluations

School consultation services

Our consultation involves

  • observing children in their environments firsthand
  • interviewing teachers and other key team members
  • reviewing student records
  • classroom-wide and school-wide positive behavior support strategies
  • inclusive educational support
  • staff training
  • parent training (individual or group)
  • transition support

Working together, the consultant and teaching staff

  • identify and prioritize challenging behaviors and learning needs
  • develop practical interventions that can be sustained over time
  • demonstrate recommended interventions
  • fine-tune the interventions according to responses and feedback
  • coach those who will implement the interventions
  • measure the treatment’s effectiveness
  • plan for generalization and fading