Susan L. Peterson, Ph.D., BCBA-D

A doctoral-level board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA-D), Susan Peterson has 30 years of experience working with people (young children to adults) who have developmental disabilities.

With children, Dr. Peterson has breadth of experience plus a deep understanding that results in a unique view into the needs of the whole child. Importantly, Dr. Peterson is also a Delaware-certified school psychologist who knows how to listen to parents as well as how to help mitigate disruptive behavior.

Furthermore, Dr. Peterson has helped children who are nonverbal to communicate through functional communication systems. As a senior consultant with Pyramid Educational Consultants, Dr. Peterson traveled the U.S., Canada, and France consulting with families and schools and giving numerous presentations on the picture exchange communication system as well as the Pyramid approach to education.

And in a previous association with Autism Delaware, Dr. Peterson completed a national study of best practice services and supports for adults with ASDs, which served as the structural basis for the nationally recognized POW&R program.