Associate Executive Director

JOB TITLE:       Associate Executive Director

DEPARTMENT: Operations

REPORTS TO:  Executive Director

FLSA:   Salary Full Time Exempt                    



The Associate Executive Director is a member of the Staff Leadership team and directs the administrative work necessary to develop and implement agency services, programs, and budgets.  The individual assures compliance with all audits of financial statements and federal mandates of the agency’s programs; provides executive leadership to all department activities; fosters relationships with Autism Delaware’s many constituencies, including families, self-advocates, state agencies, and donors; directs communications and fundraising initiatives; maintains best practices in all areas of responsibility; and assists the Executive Director, and assumes the role of the Executive Director in their absence.

This is a full-time, exempt position.




  1. MSW, MBA, or other specialty related to the core services of Autism Delaware, e.g., social work, human services, non-profit management, etc.
  2. Minimum six years’ experience in a senior-level position at a human service or nonprofit organization.
  3. Eligibility for clinical or another appropriate license is a plus.
  4. Minimum five years’ direct experiences working with boards of directors.
  5. Fluent English-language speaker with strong written and oral communications skills.
  6. High level of personal organization.
  7. High level of proficiency with computer software, specifically MS Office and Excel.
  8. Must be sensitive to and willing to work with clients from highly diverse, neurodivergent backgrounds that include race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, physical and mental health history, and socio-economic status.
  9. Must be willing and flexible regarding location of service delivery to participants.
  10. Some travel required between agency sites and to various local and regional community partners.
  11. Must be able to participate in national conferences-related travel.
  12. Valid driver’s license required.
  13. Federal and state background check required.



  1. This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only job duties to be performed by the incumbent. Candidate will be required to follow any other instructions and to perform any other duties requested by their supervisor.
  2. Able to travel to agency sites within Delaware, as well as to other local, regional, and national locations.
  3. Must be able to engage in effective cross-communication with diverse constituents including clients, professional and non-professional staff, funders, donors, regulatory agents, legislators, and others.



  1. Minimum 37.5-hour work week.
  2. Be available to assist in emergency management.
  3. Benefits as outlined in Autism Delaware’s Human Resources Policy Manual.




Develops, implements, and manages the operation of all existing and new Autism Delaware services and programs

  • Assists in the creation of and management of the organizational strategic plan.
  • Applies Autism Delaware’s philosophy and strategic plan to the development and implementation of all autism service programs, with an emphasis on innovation and best practices.
  • Is flexible and accommodating in unplanned or crisis situations.
  • Ensures participants and personnel are treated with dignity and respect in accordance with federal, state, and local laws, statutes, and regulations, as well as with the requirements and spirit of Autism Delaware’s mission.
  • Completes all paperwork and report requirements accurately and in a timely fashion.
  • Demonstrates advanced understanding of complex functions of the position.
  • Introduces and implements creative solutions to administrative problems.
  • Shows ability to anticipate needs for change and to plan effectively to address these needs.
  • Ensures that all regulatory and accreditation requirements are met.
  • Maintains and adheres to calendar of required activities.
  • Assures timely and accurate documentation of significant events.
  • Demonstrates personal competence in agency software and ensures full utilization by staff of available software features.
  • Identifies problems, leading and working with others to develop solutions.
  • Demonstrates good judgment on timing, appropriateness, and quantity of information to share with staff.
  • Assists, as appropriate, in the orientation of new staff.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of different responsibilities in a broad range of team activities (Board, staff, administration, community constituents, vendors, regulators, and donors).
  • Effectively works with the administrative team in immediate and long-range planning.
  • Assures that all staff under their authority work effectively across teams (Board, staff, administration, community constituents, vendors, regulators. and donors), as indicated by position.
  • Participates in and assures broad support for agency initiatives.
  • Is accessible but disciplined in contacts with others.

Leadership and supervision of Autism Delaware staff responsible for the provision of services throughout the state

  • Directs continuous improvement processes for the whole organization through the performance of best practice activities of the Leadership Team.
  • Works directly with new business partners and organizational compliance, financial, and billing services teams, and collaborates on the supervision of direct service management teams
  • Provides ongoing budget management support to the Directors of Adult Vocational Services. Family Services, Operations, and Fund Development & Engagement
  • Successfully assesses needs and problems in areas of responsibility and formulates solutions as needed.
  • Actively seeks information about trends in the field and uses this information to develop a vision of the changes and improvements needed.
  • Demonstrates that the organization’s mission, values, and goals are the platform for leadership and supervision.
  • Influences and monitors the training activities for all staff.
  • Ensures that all performance indicators are met by staff and departments.
  • Promptly and fairly responds to performance issues.
  • Identifies and assumes responsibility for mentoring and supervising specific staff.
  • Through supervision, supports creative and innovative thinking among staff directors.
  • Continuously assesses program assets and needs through quality improvement actions plans as required.
  • Shows ability to communicate goals and objectives and to engage others in accomplishing them.
  • Assures that adequate resources are provided to meet organizational goals and objectives.
  • Demonstrates skill and attentiveness in the development and monitoring of the organization’s budget and budget subsets.
  • Actively seeks sources of revenues to enhance and expand services.
  • Communicates effectively with the Board in formal and informal contacts.
  • Produces high quality written material through a comprehensive communication strategy
  • Adheres to all relevant legal and procedural guidelines in the management of staff resources

Creates and manages an accurate annual budget for all aspects of service provision

  • Develops and monitors annual budget along with staff in programmatic areas.
  • Maintains awareness of revenues and expenditures in programmatic areas throughout the year.
  • Reviews and comments on monthly financial reports as appropriate.
  • Reports significant budgetary variances to the Executive Director and recommends actions to achieve resolution.
  • Directs billing management, and has oversight of contract accountant.

Maintains constructive and productive relationships with external audiences, including families, self-advocates, state agencies, donors, and other organizations

  • Represents Autism Delaware effectively.
  • Attends relevant organizational and committee meetings, including but not limited to Ability Network of Delaware meetings, state system meetings, etc.
  • Actively participates in meetings, demonstrating self-awareness, responsibility, initiative, and professionalism in accordance with agency policy.
  • Actively implements short-, mid-range, and long-term fundraising efforts 

Researches and is current on best practices in key areas of responsibility

  • Demonstrates a commitment to ongoing professional development through the study and practice of new skills and knowledge in the field.
  • Identifies appropriate training opportunities and seeks attendance at conferences and other events to support knowledge of the newest information in the field.
  • Ensures health and safety of participants and staff through compliance with agency policies, OSHA, and other safety standards.
  • Performs all duties in accordance with federal, state, and agency policies and procedures.
  • In collaboration with the Staff Leadership Team, develops and implements annual staff retreat.



  1. Participates in agency functions.
  2. Understands and adheres to evacuation and other fire safety procedures.
  3. Consistently practices universal safety precautions.
  4. Maintains a safe and hazard-free work area and reports problems and concerns regarding safety when appropriate.
  5. Clearly understands the complex organizational issues related to operating safe programs.
  6. Oversees and/or performs the creation, review, and revision as indicated for all policies and procedures on physical and environmental safety consistent with good practice and regulatory requirements.
  7. Demonstrates skill and good judgment in managing incidents involving staff deviation from basic safety guidelines.
  8. Assumes a leadership role in identifying and managing organizational risk of all kinds at all levels.
  9. Assures confidentiality of all business records and information, including payroll, client, and contractor data.
  10. Actively ensures compliance with all HIPAA requirements and contractor data.


How to Apply: Please send cover letter, resume, and three references in confidence to