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Please see below for Stay at Home resources. These resources will be updated regularly, so please check back often. We encourage you to please continue to be mindful with social distancing, protect each other, and do your part to slow the spread.

Autism-Specific Resources

  1. House Bound Survival Toolkit: The Autism Project created a House Bound Survival Toolkit full of visual supports to help families get through these challenging times. You can download and print all of the visuals by clicking the link below. https://d2sn28si70d9dk.cloudfront.net/images/cv-kit.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1VoXrl9VDNAT9LNAJox76OAOmFotLA8OtLcVVIx5QKEAjYOKuGeSS-_54
  2.  Autism School Closure Toolkit:  The Illinois Autism Partnership/Easterseals shared this toolkit to help families with a loved one with autism. https://l.ead.me/bbTE3n?fbclid=IwAR1glJbijDKsVOCMTFujQE02lKmQjKSHsudB7ZIliXkoF5XdYm-loiA_ovY
  3. PECS/ Picture Communication Symbols for the  COVID-19 pandemic https://www.autismdelaware.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/COVID-19-PCS.jpg 
  4. Free COVID-19 Toolkit for Adults with ASD from AFRIM (Autism Focused Intervention Resources & Modules): https://afirm.fpg.unc.edu/adult-resources

Social Stories:

Many people with autism have trouble understanding what is happening with the sudden changes to routine because of the coronavirus. Check out these resources for social stories:

  1. COVID-19 Social Narratives, Breezy Special Ed: https://storage.googleapis.com/pt06-2/messages/attachments/d6a07ae178b0f908cdfef17ce8a24b147fbd8611/COVID_Social_Story.pdf
  2. Coronavirus Social Story, The Autism Educator: https://theautismeducator.ie/2020/03/11/corona-virus-social-story/?fbclid=IwAR1FWsDPSH2ciwFz55vaZvtROJkDhtpD-xxtutZdx-O6uNl2Xrwpoj3HUIY



For SMART 911 informational items regarding COVID19 please visit https://www.ravemobilesafety.com/marketing-portal/government?category=all-resources&type=smart911-coronavirus-resources&product=all-products


Supporting your kids 

You’ll find some more specific structures and tools in this article: COVID-19: Five Helpful Responses for Families. You’ll also find links to other relevant, free resources like Shubert’s Home, webinars, podcasts, printables and more. https://consciousdiscipline.com/covid-19-five-helpful-responses-for-families/?mc_cid=89fc7c1740&mc_eid=ec181b4fc6



A growing number of resources and programs are available to make meals available for those who rely on schools for their meals. To find information on where you can find food resources:

  1. Check with your child’s school district.
  2. Check The Food Bank of Delaware’s Facebook page regularly for updates: https://www.facebook.com/FoodBankofDE/
  3. Dial 2-1-1 on your phone or visit delaware211.org/ for information and additional resources


  1. Xfinity WiFi Hotspots will be available to anyone who needs them, for FREE for the next 60 days due to the national emergency. Please remember that these hotspots are unsecure networks, and be mindful with personal and private information. Visit their website for information. https://wifi.xfinity.com/
  2. Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon have committed to not capping use and not overcharging their customers
  3. Internet providers are expanding their bandwidth to ensure customers aren’t affected by slow internet service


Educational Resources:

Education resources are increasingly available to keep your child engaged while not at school.

  1. Autism School Closure Tool Kit: https://l.ead.me/bbTE3n?fbclid=IwAR1glJbijDKsVOCMTFujQE02lKmQjKSHsudB7ZIliXkoF5XdYm-loiA_ovY
  2. Scholastic – free resources and strategies: https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html?fbclid=IwAR2F-9SFeqClDknNAT03BaHmsSuLyomhtGLl5Zi7MCIZ5-3JcwPk50ArHeg
  3. Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to school closings: http://www.amazingeducationalresources.com/
  4. The Delaware Department of Education provides COVID-19 resources to help families.  Their resources include food, internet, learning resources, and news updates.  https://www.doe.k12.de.us/domain/599?fbclid=IwAR1LiYk0t9WOs_s1M8gtbAwYxxVNT1RbO8OwKXjKeGHzArcnwuFfKg–3d8#learning_activities
  5. Parent Information Center of DE –
    for information on your and your child’s rights regarding your child’s IEP and accessing technology during coronavirus stay at home orders,
    Check out these resources from Parent Information Center of Delaware!

Delmarva Power

Delmarva Power Extending Customer Support Practices to Ensure All Residents Have Safe and Reliable Energy Service During This Critical Time. For more information visit https://c.na93.content.force.com/servlet/servlet.EmailAttachmentDownload?q=NEa5cM3WlhKPi0gVd0lwcZxr3OUUgmKmP0NxmEZyaCmFBmPIHA1PFgi%2ByUDWNMePmBSDiAVFhJYAQiAPzQrr%2Bw%3D%3D

Delaware State Resources:

  1. News/Updates/Resources: For regular updates and additional resources, please visit de.gov/coronavirus
  2. DART:  DART First State is operating on a reduced schedule. For updates and more information, visit https://www.dartfirststate.com/
  3. Unemployment: The Delaware Department of Labor is taking measures to expand unemployment benefits to workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. For information and how to get help, visit: https://news.delaware.gov/2020/03/17/the-delaware-department-of-labor-expands-unemployment-benefits-to-workers-affected-by-the-covid-19-pandemic/
  4. DNREC: Parks and outdoor activities remain open, with no fees to enter state parks until April 30. Any buildings or indoor activities are closed. For more information, visit https://news.delaware.gov/2020/03/17/dnrec-announces-changes-to-operations-in-response-to-covid-19/ 


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