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Serving Adults with Autism

Autism Delaware’s POW&R was created in order to provide adults with autism in Delaware the opportunity to work and volunteer at businesses in their communities and engage in health and wellness opportunities.

Opportunities for

Autism is a lifelong disorder and with the prevalence of autism steadily rising, there are ever more adults with autism who are in need of some level of supportive services. Some are capable of competitive employment with limited supports, while others may require daily, one-on-one services. Autism Delaware’s POW&R was created in order to provide adults with autism in Delaware the opportunity to work and volunteer at businesses in their communities and engage in health and wellness opportunities.


A Day at Work

Take a few minutes to visit with Andrew, his colleagues and his family, as he goes through his day at work at Christiana Hospital with POW&R through this special video, produced by the Madison House Autism Foundation.


Guiding Principles 


The person with disabilities determines the nature and degree of support needed to lead a purposeful life

Promoting Independence

All services and support directly result in each person achieving greater independence in the areas of life that are important to him or her.

Evolutionary across the life span

We recognize the changing nature of life and the need for services to be responsive to those changes as the person ages and goals change.


Our support and service will change with you and your circumstances.

Being accountable

Each individual and their family should recognize the need to be accountable to those around them, including the taxpayer, the support network, the community, and themselves.

Proactive approach to networking

Strive for safety, while supporting dignity of risk


Application for POW&R Services

POW&R, which is funded by the Delaware Division of Developmental Disabilities, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and Autism Delaware, is a unique community-based program dedicated to helping adults with autism spectrum disorders find and be successful at employment, volunteer activities, and life pursuits.

After seeing that many services were geared towards children with autism only, Autism Delaware parent volunteers, in partnership with professionals, recognized the dire need for adult services and worked to develop a program that would offer ongoing support for adults with autism in the state of Delaware.

A collaborative process that includes the individual served, families, POW&R and all other support staff members, the program strives to develop and implement a plan that addresses the individual’s support needs and meet individual goals.


A formal referral packet must be provided to you by a DDDS (that’s the Delaware Division of Developmental Disabilities Services) representative or a DVR (that’s the Delaware Division of Vocational Rehabilitation) counselor.

Eligibility Criteria for Services

  • The applicant is 18 years of age or older and has a medical diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder
  • Funding is adequate to provide a significant service. Funding could be provided by DVR and/or DDDS.
  • The applicant has access to transportation and can demonstrate the skills and ability to safely navigate transportation, in order to participate in POW&R services in the community.
  • Determination that POW&R can provide a service that meets and supports the applicant’s goals safely and effectively in the community. POW&R is a community-based service that does not currently offer in-house behavioral or nursing services. These services must be contracted. POW&R must determine that it can adequately support the individual prior to acceptance.
  • An informational meeting must be scheduled with a POW&R representative to fulfill one of the Division of Developmental Disabilities criteria for agency referrals to be considered for services.
  • Your DDDS representative must submit a completed referral packet to our agency to be reviewed by our applicant review committee after you have completed your informational meeting with a POW&R representative.
  • Following completion of admissions requirements, a letter of applicant status will be provided to the applicant by Autism Delaware/POW&R

POW&R Community Partners & Employers


As an entirely community-based vocational program, POW&R works with community partners to provide sites for volunteer opportunities, internships, and assessments. Businesses across Delaware have hired POW&R participants as members of their own teams — which is the ultimate goal. 


Expectations of the Participant & their Family

POW&R expects the following active collaboration for participants and their families:

The participant and his or her family will actively participate in the direction of services, including development and support of service plans.
Families will work with POW&R staff to find and/or provide resources if adequate funding is not available to accomplish all goals for the individual.
Ongoing conversation and collaboration in support of the participant and service delivery to be creative, innovative and supportive of meeting and exceeding all expectations and goals.
All parties will collaborate to assist in finding community resources to make sure that participant preferences can be obtained. This includes transportation coordination, finding jobs, internship, volunteer and health and wellness opportunities, etc.

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