A world that welcomes people on the spectrum

Be a part of our work for autism acceptance and inclusion.

Family Support

Options that meet individual needs

Our credentialed family support team knows that “teamwork makes the dream work” because they’ve lived it as parents of people on the spectrum. Across the spectrum and the lifespan, they can help build skills, information, resources, services, and interventions that meet individual and family needs.

Adult Services

Opportunities to work and volunteer

Whatever the level of skills and abilities may be, our direct support professionals are ready to help adults on the spectrum succeed in community-based opportunities to work and volunteer. Connect with them for training and support based on individual strengths, needs, challenges, and preferences.

Community Engagement

Connections to support autism inclusion

It takes all of us working together to move beyond a "one-size-fits-all" world. Whether you want to be a self-advocate or advocate, create an autism-inclusive environment in your organization, or support those who support people with autism, we can help you make autism inclusion a reality where you are.

Who We Are

We are Delaware’s largest provider of advocacy, support, and services for people on the spectrum and their families and caregivers. We have been helping people and families affected by autism since 1998.


Your generosity will help us build a world where people on the spectrum are welcomed, valued, and supported. Whether you want to make a donation, start a fundraiser, honor someone special, or contribute your time and talents, we have a way for you to make a make a difference.     LEARN MORE ...