Autism Delaware rebrands in its 25th anniversary year

Our new logo reflects the hope and new horizon for the autism journey in the 21st century.

Published: January 12, 2023          By: Autism Delaware

The year 2023 marks Autism Delaware’s 25th anniversary, and it will be a time to celebrate both the achievements of the autism community and our organization’s milestones and accomplishments. As we look back on how far we’ve come, we will also look forward to our future growth and development with a renewed dedication to serving the needs of all autistic people who live in Delaware.

Our commitment to remaining on the forefront of autism advocacy and service required us to engage in deep reflection on our brand as a fundamental symbol of the work we do at this turning point in our organization’s history. The result of this reflection is a significant change in our brand, including a new logo that reflects the hope and new horizon for the autism journey in the 21st century. Our brand changes also mean we will no longer use the puzzle piece as part of our visual identity.

This decision was not an easy one because, for so many people in our organization and in the wider community, the puzzle piece symbolizes their long and difficult struggle to gain recognition and inclusion for their loved ones on the spectrum. While we respect their experience and interpretation of the autism struggle, we also recognize that, since the puzzle piece was first used in 1963, it has become a distressing symbol of ableism for many people on the spectrum.

In some minds, the choice of a symbol for autism is an either-or proposition: either the puzzle piece or the infinity sign preferred by many of today’s advocates. At Autism Delaware, we have chosen a new symbol that represents the path forward to a world we want to help create — a world where each individual on the spectrum is welcomed and valued as an integral part of their communities.

We will begin to use our new branding in late January 2023. All questions or comments are welcome and should be sent to