Virginia Sticinski talks about “The Sun”

In 1998 there were few informational resources for the autism community

Published: June 2, 2023          by: Carla Koss, editor of The Sun


In November 1998, the first monthly issue of The Sun was created in a word-processing program and distributed by placing a copy in each Delaware Autism Program (DAP) student’s backpack to take home to their parents. In addition to introducing the recently established Autism Society of Delaware, the first issue included a list of upcoming events, an overview of the committees that were formed to follow the work, a few relevant news items, and an ad asking for testimonials about treatments or therapies that either worked or didn’t.

Twenty-five years later, The Sun is a 12-page, two-color, interactive publication that’s desktop published quarterly and distributed electronically. As a resource for expertise and advocacy, each issue highlights a topic of relevance to the autism community, and the articles range from best practice or the work of experts in their fields to the personal stories of individuals with autism or their parents or caregivers. Lots of resources are also included.

The Sun mailing list has gradually expanded to include all First State schools enrolling students with autism as well as DAP schools. The distribution list also includes past contributors to the newsletter and anyone requesting to be added to the list, plus Delaware’s elected officials, including the governor, lieutenant governor, and all Delaware General Assembly legislators.