Meet Walk 2024 Grand Marshals Arya & Andon

Arya and Andon Dohring are 9-year-old twins who were born and lived in Newark for the first three years of their lives and moved to Sussex County in November of 2017.  In the summer of 2017, they were diagnosed with speech delay. They began to get tested for the Indian River Early Learning Center and started attending daycare for the first time. Numerous daycares stated that they were “not able to handle them,” as amongst other things, they were eloping, and not interacting with the other children.

Their final daycare provider sat their parents down and explained to them (with examples and data) that she thought they may be autistic.  After testing with both Easter Seals and IRSD, they were both diagnosed with Autism at 3 years old. They began their schooling at Howard T. Ennis in the Fall of 2018, where they got the therapies and support they needed.  They moved to the Cape Henlopen District in 2021, where they both continue to thrive.

Andon and Arya have been attending Autism Delaware’s Walk for Autism since they were 4 years old and attend as many Autism Delaware events as they can. They also participate in sports through both Special Olympics Delaware and Top Soccer. Andon has participated (and received gold medals) in basketball, track & field, bowling and long distance running through SODE. Arya has participated in soccer and was a gold medal winner in bowling for SODE. They both love going to school, going to professional sports events, and being with their family. 

They are both so excited to be the 2024 Walk for Autism Grand Marshals!

We at Autism Delaware are thrilled to have Arya and Andon serving as our Grand Marshals for the Sussex County Walk for Autism. Join them on Saturday, April 20th at Hudson Fields in Milton.

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