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Adult Services

We work to support adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) on their road to success.

Autism is a lifelong disorder and there are ever more adults with autism who are in need of some level of supportive services. Some are capable of competitive employment with limited supports, while others may require daily one-on-one services. Autism Delaware's adult services were created in order to provide adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Delaware the opportunity to work and volunteer at businesses in their communities and engage in health and wellness opportunities

Who is Eligible?

To participate in our adult services, a person with ASD must:

- Be 18 years of age or older and have a medical diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

- Have access to transportation and show the skills necessary to safely navigate transportation.

Because we offer community-based services that are not in-house behavioral or nursing services, we must determine if we can adequately support a person's goals safely and effectively before they can be accepted into our program.

How it works

Our adult services are community-based and dedicated to helping adults with ASD find employment, volunteer opportunities. and other quality of life pursuits, and then supporting them in those activities to ensure their success.

The program is a collaborative process that includes the individual served, families, our staff. and all other support staff members, to develop and implement a plan that addresses the individual's support needs and meet individual goals.

Because this program is funded by the Delaware Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDDDS) and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), as well as Autism Delaware, participants must receive a formal referral packet from either a DDDDS representative or a DVR counselor to begin.

Contact Us

An informational meeting must be scheduled with an Autism Delaware representative to fulfill one of the Division of Developmental Disabilities criteria for agency referrals to be considered for services.

Your DDDS representative must submit a completed referral packet to our agency to be reviewed by our applicant review committee after you have completed your informational meeting with an Autism Delaware representative.

Following completion of admissions requirements, a letter of applicant status will be provided to the applicant by Autism Delaware.

Important Resources

Our Community Partners

As an entirely community-based vocational program, we work with community partners to provide sites for volunteer opportunities. internships. and assessments. Businesses across Delaware have hired our participants as members of their own teams — which is the ultimate goal.

Connect With Adult Services

Call us at (302) 224-6020 or visit our Contact Us page.