Family Support

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Parents of a child with autism must have a good support system.

Our Family Support services help them build one.

Every parent wonders what life holds for their child –– what joys and what challenges? They want the best possible life for their child. They want their child to achieve their hopes and dreams.

That doesn't change when a child is diagnosed with autism.

Navigating the autism world can be complex and overwhelming. We provide comprehensive, accessible, individual family peer support through two programs: our Autism Care Team (ACT) program and our Family Navigation services.

Our free programs help parents help their children live their best lives.

Autism Care Team (ACT)

The ACT Program requires a referral from a licensed provider. That can be your pediatrician, another medical doctor, a licensed psychologist, a licensed clinical social worker, a licensed professional counselor, or a nurse practitioner.

ACT program services are reimbursable by Delaware Medicaid. 

Working in collaboration with families, our ACT Family Support Providers will:

  1. Meet regularly in-person or via telehealth.
  2. Develop a plan of goals.
  3. Support families to gather information so they can make their own informed decisions about services and supports.
  4. Help families identify and connect to programs.
  5. Help families enhance their positive advocacy skills.

Family Navigation

Have a specific question or challenge navigating the system? Our Family Navigators, who have years of experience, can provide as-needed support via telephone or in-person appointments.

Just a few of the ways we work with families:

  1. Navigating and understanding services and therapies.
  2. Help with accessing state programs and support, such as DDDS and Medicaid.
  3. Support with questions around the special education system and IEP meetings.
  4. General information about autism and support within the community.

Important Resources

Free Workshops and Support Groups

We provide educational workshops and informal support groups both online and in person. Check our calendar to see what's scheduled and to register.

Online Support Group Through Slack App

Connect with other autism parents across the state in our of our Slack groups.

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Connect With Family Support

To get the help you need, call Family Support at (302) 224-6020, extension 219, or email support@autismdelaware.org.