Meet Walk 2024 Grand Marshals Avi & Dria

Our Journey with Autism

At a young age we learned our twin daughters Avi and Dria were autistic. The journey has been long, and it’s had so many twists and turns, highs and lows. The experience of autism is extremely difficult for both parents and kids. We have been through therapies, programs, appointments, evaluations and IEPS, all together fighting for the best for our children.

Has it been easy? No.

Has it been worth it? Yes.

Every day my daughters show me they’re capable, that they can do anything they put their minds to. It gets better, it truly does. It’s just all about how you look at it. I let them blossom at their own speed, while pushing them to be their best selves. 5 years ago hearing they would never do so many things and watching them do it all now is what made this journey more special than anything.

We have been attending the Walk for Autism every year since their diagnosis because autism advocacy means everything to me. Knowing all the resources I do now makes things more simple. I was 23 still learning about autism when they were diagnosed. I’m 30 years old now and my son just recently got diagnosed as well. I feel much more confident knowing everything I have learned along this journey. 

We at Autism Delaware are thrilled to have Avi and Dria serving as our Grand Marshals for the New Castle County Walk for Autism. Join them on Saturday, April 13th at Fort DuPont in Delaware City.

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